NZV8s set to snub Christchurch fans

Photo: Angus Fogg

Christchurch V8 fans are set to miss out on the NZV8s this summer as the just released provisional calendar put together by Motorsport Promotions Ltd (MPL) has no date for the annual visit to the city. 


It seems that the importance of such events to the region has been overlooked and the tier one summer series will only visit Timaru and Invercargill in January. 


The key reason seems to be the welfare of the North Island competitors who don’t want to make two journeys south, and the reluctance to compete three weekends in a row away from home.

It is important to note that there has always been an historic unwritten convention or gentleman’s agreement that the six major clubs*, who in 1992 originally put together the previously known promotional company, Motor Race NZ Ltd, would each get a major event every year.  Three of these clubs are in the South Island. 

While the calendar is provisional the CEO of Motorsport Promotions, Martin Fine, will shortly meet with the Canterbury Car Club but it may be a case of the tail wagging the dog as competitors take care of themselves and not their fans. 


Many forget that the Canterbury Car Club is by far the largest in NZ with just under 1,000 members.  Forgetting one's fans is at the detriment of the sport. 


Provisional Calendar
8-9 December   Taupo
12-13 January   Invercargill
19-20 January   Timaru
26-27 January   Taupo (TRS only)
2-3 February   Hampton Downs
9-10 February   Manfeild (Manawatu)
9-10 March   Pukekohe


*Six major clubs

Southland Sports Car Club
South Canterbury Car Club
The Canterbury Car Club
The Manawatu Car Club
Taupo Car Club
NZ International Grand Prix (Auck)

Media: Benjamin Carrell 25th May 12
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