Historic VE V8 Supercar available for sale and ready to race

Photo: Holden VE
The first ever VE V8Supercar race car built, the #7 Jack Daniel’s (PE045) from the Perkins Motorsport/Jack Daniel’s Racing, has become available for sale.  With a colourful history including being driven by Kiwi champion Kayne Scott this classic is all ready to race in its stunning Jack Daniel’s livery.

This car was built brand new in 2007.  While Holden had actually made a prototype car in late 2006, Perkins Motorsport/Jack Daniel's Racing were the first team to unveil their 2007 VE Race Car. This was a testament to the small team at Perkins Engineering, who worked an enormous amount of hours through the summer months to have the car ready, and then start on the second VE for the team.

The car was to be driven by Shane Price in the 2007 V8Supercar Championship Series, wearing the #7 Jack Daniel's colours, and the season got off to a shaky start, with Price having a practice crash around the streets of Adelaide.

The 2007 season saw a unique championship points structure, where only top 15 finishers were awarded points, a system that was scrapped after the 07 season because it simply didn't work and gave no distinction between finishing 16th or 30th.

Price scored points in the second round at Perth in 2007, but the decision to put two rookie drivers in for the season didn't deliver consistent results for the team, and Todd Kelly was hired to replace Jack Perkins for 2008.

New Zealand legend Kayne Scott, teamed with Marcus Marshall to drive this car in the V8 Enduro's in 2007, before Price finished the 07 season off in the car.

Shane Price started the 2008 season in this car, but changed to car #11, as new signing Todd Kelly took over the #7. When Todd debuted a brand new car, PE 047, mid way through 2008, the team elected to rest PE 045 and leave it as a spare car for the rest of the 2008 season, as Price swapped into PE 046.

When Kelly Racing commenced in 2009, after a "merger" with Perkins Motorsport, PE 045 was now a spare car for the four car mega team - Kelly Racing.

For Phillip Island and Bathurst in 2009, Todd and Ricked paired in PE 049, resting PE 049 for the enduro's.  Jack Perkins, who was driving the #11 Dodo Racing car in chassis PE 047, handed his car to Nathan Pretty and Ben Collins (Stig from Topgear), and PE 045 was taken out of a year’s rest and painted white for Perkins to use at Bathurst in BET 24 7 colours, partnering with Dale Wood. The pair finished the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 in 14th place.

After the enduro's, Perkins returned to PE 047, and PE 045 returned to spare chassis duties, until Todd Kelly had a big crash in Perth 2009, meaning his car was too badly damaged for the final round and he jumped in PE 045 for the final round of the 09 season and the inaugural Homebush event.

As it stands today, that was the last time the car was raced or even used, in #7 Jack Daniel's colours.

Since then the car has been used as a spare car for Kelly Racing and also for display purposes.

It is currently in the 2012 Jack Daniel's Racing colours and is ready to hit the track.

The car could serve many purposes now, it's ready to race and was a top 15 runner in the V8 Championship Series. It's in excellent condition.


Interested parties should contact Jack Perkins on +61 439 330 979


Perkins Engineering – Chassis PE 045
Photo: Holden VE
Built new 2007.

First Holden Commodore VE V8Supercar built.

Last Raced – Homebush 2009, Todd Kelly #7 JDR/Kelly Racing

Spare Car for Kelly Racing 2010/11

Last V8Supercar with Larry Perkins/Perkins Engineering “Switch Tower”.

CAMS Log book included.

Perkins Engineering Holden Motorsport Engine PE182

•    Holinger H6S H-Pattern Gearbox
•    Ohlins TTX Dampers
•    Motec Dash & Motec M48 ECU
•    Perkins Eng front & rear suspension
•    Cockpit adjustable front & rear anti roll bars
•    AP brake calipers front & rear
•    Perkins Eng Air Intake and Air Box
•    120 litre fuel tank
•    Velo seat, Schroth Harness, Momo Steering Wheel, 10-spoke A-Tek Alloy wheels,

Spares package:
1 x Diff Housing
1 x Set Rear Hubs/Axles
1 x Set Front Uprights/Hubs
1 x Pair Lower Wishbone’s (front)
1 x Set of wheels (with wheel nuts)
1 x Front Bumper Bar
1 x Rear Bumper Bar
1 x Pair Front Guards
1 x Pair side skirts
1 x Set Front Brake Ducts
1 x Engine Air Scoop/Radiator Duct
1 x Engine Airbox Cover
1 x Exhaust/Tailpipe section
Assortment of front and rear brake pads/rotors
Assortment of front and rear springs


Contact: Interested parties should contact Jack Perkins on +61 439 330 979

Media: Jack Perkins 30th June 12