Complaint shortens race, Lester/Ellingham seal Endurance title

Photo: Jono Lester

Photo: Lester/Ellingham GT3 ahead of the GT40 of Dobson/Cooper


Simon Ellingham and Jono Lester wrapped up the 2013 3 Hour Endurance Championship title at Taupo Motorsport Park on Saturday.  The win was not straight forward and could have gone awry for the duo after a noise complaint shorted the race by 25 minutes.

“The race started late,” explained Lester, “and we had just completed a driver change at 6:58pm.  I was heading off on my out lap with 25 minutes to go and received the chequered flag.”

There is a noise restriction on the circuit operation at 7pm and it is believed that a local made the complaint at 7:01.

“If we had known then we wouldn’t have made the pitstop.  Potentially it could have ruined it for us.”

Only one lap down at the finish was the beautifully prepared GT 40 driven by Deon Cooper and Harry Dobson while theKevin Gallichan/Sam Filmore Porsche 997 GT3 was third.

Starting in hot conditions, recent repairs and resealing created slippery conditions and high tyre wear until it cooled in the second half of the race.

“Besides the early finish, everything went like clockwork and ran to plan,” commented Lester.  “The Fastway Team is very happy and really enjoying the racing.”

Lester is still to finalise his racing program for 2013 while Ellingham prepares for some short track racing leading up to the four round South Island Endurance Series in the spring.


3 Hour race result
1    Simon Ellingham /Jono Lester     Porsche 997 GT3   
2    Deon Cooper /Harry Dobson     Ford GT40    1 Lap
3    Kevin Gallichan /Sam Filmore     Porsche 997 GT3    2 Laps
4    Gavin Yortt /Richard Billington     Seat Leon    00:50.0
5    Malcolm Niall Mark Pilatti     Porsche 997 GT3    3 Laps
6    Ian Booth/ Matt Booth     Mazda RX7 Batman    6 Laps
7    David Dovey /Andrew / Shane     Ford Falcon    7 Laps
8    Colin Briscoe/ Lloyd Briscoe     BMW318i    13 Laps
9    Brent Melhop /Martin Hunt     MINI Cooper S    21 Laps
DNF     Russell Burling/ Ray Williams     Ford Mustang Boss    26 Laps
DNF     Michael Starnes/ Ken Starnes     BMW M3 E36    53 Laps


Points Table – 3 Hour Endurance
1    Simon Ellingham / Jono Lester     Porsche GT3 997     150
2    Dave Dovey / Andrew Bowler / Shane Wenzlick     Ford Falcon     102
3    Brent Melhop / Martin Hunt     BMW MINI Cooper S     85
4    Colin Briscoe / Lloyd Briscoe     BMW 318is     84
5=     Rick Cooper / Ray Williams     Ford Mustang Boss 3     67
5=     Deon Cooper / Harry / Rick     Ford GT40     67
7    Kevin Gallichan / Sam Filmore     Porsche GT3 997     60
8=     Gary Morgan / Richard Skilton     Subaru Legacy RSR     54
8=     Gavin Yortt / Richard Billington     Seat Leon Supercopa     54
10    Malcolm Niall / Mark Pilatti     Porsche GT3 997     49
11    Ian Booth / Matt Booth     Mazda RX7     45

Points Table, 1 Hour Endurance (Top 10)
Pos     Names     Car     Total
1    Kel McBeath     Panoz GT     150
2    Hamish Ellingham     Mitsubishi Evo 9     127
3    Andrew Fox     Nissan 350GT Skyline     99
4    Nigel Edger     Subaru Legacy RS     85
5    Simon Mills     Alfa Sud     81
6    Matt Dovey     Holden Commodore     68
7    Russell Burling / Ray Williams     Lotus 211     67
8    Ritchie Arber     Mitsubishi Lancer     60
9    Dave Jenkins     Toyota Starlet     56
10    Andre Mortimer     BMW M3     54


Media: NZ Motor Racing 10 March 2013

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