Experience and Youth Double Champions

Moore Park Easter 2008

The experienced 53 year old former international speedway rider won both the Moore Park Challenge Cup and the Motor Cycling New Zealand Short Track title at Moore Park on the 21st and 23rd March. The younger riders have Ross as the bench mark, and while some can match him for outright speed, they lack the experience necessary to stamp their mark on the events. They are improving and only by riding overseas will they acquire the skills to progress further. Ross has the ability to get maximum traction on the race surface when needed, and once in front controls the race. He was pushed hard by two Oreti riders, Grant Tregoning and Alex Cunningham.


On several occasions they took a challenge to Ross but he countered their attacks using his wealth of racing experience. He welcomes the challenge, is even spending some time helping his younger competitors, and encourages them to have a go and beat him. They will have to race well as Ross will not give it to them on a plate while his interest and enjoyment in the sport continues.


Ross was unbeaten in the qualifying on Friday and won the Challenge Cup final race from the Oreti pairing, John Tuffley and last years champion Alex Cunningham. Cunningham had a clutch failure in a heat race and had to use his spare bike which he said was “flat and lacked the punch he needed”. The B grade was won by Auckland’s Sean Mason from the Christchurch based but Oreti registered rider Ryan Moss. Moss in his first senior race in Christchurch, demonstrated the skills he had picked up while taking in senior races at Oreti. Third was taken out by Darren Hopewell who showed he had lost none of his style after 17 years, when he rode Steve Gunn’s GM.


Ross won the NZ Short Track title on Sunday from Grant Tregoning, Auckland’s Jamie Moohan and the local lad, Kody Tocher. The sudden death final saw Ross use his experience to counter Tregoning, the defending Short Track Champion and current Under 21 Champion. Tregoning, still here after visa delays, put in a display that will only improve if he takes the opportunity he has to race in England. The surprises were with the two other finalists, Moohan and Tocher who out rode some of the more favoured competitors through the five qualifying races. Moohan finished 3rd. Ross was set to tack a maximum from heat racing but had a chain failure in his final heat. This was beneficial to Tocker who with this win went on to top the qualifying scores with Moohan. 


There was some real entertaining racing from the juniors over the weekend. Christchurch Boys High pupil Anthony Knowles emulated Larry Ross by taking out both the Moore Park and NZ Short Track Titles. Knowles is right back on form after a serious injury at the Ivan Mauger Academy. He won the Moore Park cup from the Nelson registered rider, Adam Wilson. Oreti’s Jack McRae finished third while one of the crowd favourites, Bradley Wilson – Dean struck problems when it counted the most. Sunday was a different story when the defending champion from Burnside High School, Konner McCluskey – Young entered the fray. He took the challenge to Knowles and led the qualifying points.


He dropped one point and that was to Knowles in heat four. Knowles however failed to score in his second ride and had to play catch up to make the final four. The Auckland riders Ryan Terry – Daley and Wilson – Dean had a better run. Both were in the final and when Knowles made the start that he never lost, Wilson – Dean on the smaller ¾ sized junior bike, rode the pants off it as he did all weekend. He forced his way between Knowles and McCluskey – Young and held on for the second place. Terry – Daley finished fourth. 

A great weekend of racing with many visiting riders from all over the country enjoying some fine Christchurch weather.  

Results                   MNZ New Zealand Sidecar Championships

Heat 1. Les Plummer and Kervan Demanser  (Auck) 1st. Frank Arnerich/Sam Mason (Auck) 2nd, Rob Dunn and Dan Smythe 3rd. Time 70.94secs.
Heat 2. Grant Lightfoot and Chay McWilliam (Inv), Nick Edmonds and Paul James (Auck), Kevin Macdonald and Karl Hosie (Inv)   71.97
Heat 3. Edmonds and James, Lightfoot and McWilliam, McDonald and Hosie   69.97
Heat 4. Plummer and Dermanser, Arnerich and Mason, Pete and Josh Wilson (CHCH) 69.67
Heat 5. Lightfoot and McWilliam, McDonald and Hosie, Plummer and Demanser  72.13
Heat 6. Wilson and Wilson, Dunn and Symthe, Arnerich and Mason  75.90

Qualifying Points
Lightfoot 11, Plummer 10, Edmonds 7, Arnerich 7, McDonald 7, Wilson 7, Dunn 5.

Race 1. Edmonds and James, Arnerich and Mason, Lightfoot and McMahon 73.43
Race 2. Plummer and Demanser, Edmonds and James, Arnerich and Mason 73.40
Race 3. Plummer and Mason, Edmonds and James, Lightfoot and McMahon 

Title to Edmonds and James. 2nd to Plummer and Demanser. 3rd after run off Lightfoot and McMahon over Arnerich and Mason.

Sidecar support
Race 1. McDonald and Hosie, Dunn and Symthe, Josh Wilson and Darren Butt 73.53
Race 2. McDonald and Hosie, Wilson and Butt 72.66

Solos Moore Park Challenge
A grade
Heat 1. Dylan Moohan (Auck) 1st, Paul Highstead (Inv) 2nd, John Tuffley 3rd 69.05secs.
Heat 2. Larry Ross (CHCH), Alex Cunnigham (Inv), Jamie Moohan (Auck) 66.81
Heat 3.  Ross, J Moohan, Karl Bagshaw (Auck) 66.06
Heat 4. Tuffley, D Moohan, Jamie Martin (CHCH) 67.03
Heat 5. Ross, Cunningham, D Moohan 69.35
Heat 6. J Moohan, Tuffley, Karl Bagshaw (Auck) 69.25
Heat 7. Cunningham, Darrin Wilson (Auck), Martin 68.66
Heat 8. Ross, Tuffley, D Moohan 65.65
Final  Ross, Tuffley, Cunningham, D Moohan, J Moohan 65.75

B Grade
Heat 1. Sean Mason (Auck), Cory Lang (West Coast), Ryan Moss (CHCH) 69.13
Heat 2.  Darren Hopewell (CHCH), C Bagshaw, Derek McRae (Inv) 71.62
Heat 3.  Moss, Wearing, Mason 69.90
Heat 4.  Lang, Hopewell, Kenny Williams (West Coast) 70.47
Heat 5.  Mason, Hopewell, Williams 71.53
Heat 6.  Lang, Moss, C Bagshaw 69.34
Heat 7.  Lang, Hopewell, Quinten Wearing (CHCH) 74.12
Heat 8.  Mason, Doug Stenning (Inv), Williams 70.34
Final.  Mason, Moss, Hopewell.

Heat 1.  Anthony Knowles (CHCH), Jack McRae (Inv), Bradley Andrews (Auck) 72.53
Heat 2.  Adam Wilson (Nelson), Michael Patey (Auck), Bradley Wilson – Dean (Auck) 78.43
Heat 3.  Knowles, Wilson – Dean, Ryan Terry – Daley (Auck) 74.53
Heat 4.  Patey, McRae, Wilson 80.53 
Heat 5.  Wilson – Dean, Ryan Terry – Daly, Wilson 79.41
Heat 6.  Knowles, McRae, Andrews 76.04
Heat 7.  Knowles, Wilson, Andrews 73.34
Heat 8.  Wilson – Dean, Terry – Daley, McRae 77.78
Final.     Knowles, Wilson, McRae 75.22  


MNZ New Zealand Short Track Solos

Heat 1.  Grant Tregoning (CHCH), Kody Tocher (CHCH0, Darren Wilson (Auck) 67.75secs.
Heat 2.  Larry Ross (CHCH), Dylan Moohan (Auck), Sean Mason (Auck) 67.18
Heat 3.  Alex Cunningham (Inv), Cory Lang (West Coast), Paul Hayes (Inv) 66.69
Heat 4.  John Tuffley (Inv), Jamie Moohan (Auck), Jason McKay (Auck) 66.32
Heat 5.  Tregoning, McKay, Mason 65.87
Heat 6.  J Moohan, Tocher), Doug Stenning (Inv)  67.22
Heat 7.  Ross, Cunnigham, Ryan Moss (CHCH) 65.81
Heat 8.  D Moohan, Tuffley, Martin 68.81
Heat 9.  Tregoning, Cunningham, Tuffley 70.91
Heat 10. Tocher, Mason, Moss 70.64
Heat 11. J Moohan, D Moohan, Lang 67.50
Heat 12. Ross, McKay, Martin 65.72
Heat 13. Ross, J Moohan, Hayes 66.85
Heat 14. Tocher, Cunningham, D Moohan 67.41
Heat 15. Tuffley, Mason, Matt Smith (Wanaka) 67.78
Heat 16. Lang, Moss, Martin 69.94
Heat 17. Tregoning, D Moohan, Smith 65.66
Heat 18. Tocher, Tuffley, Lang 67.00
Heat 19. Hayes, H Bagshaw (Auck Reserve), Martin 71.31
Heat 20.  J Moohan, Mason 68.09
Final Ross, Tregoning, J Moohan, Tocher 64.13



MNZ New Zealand Short Track Junior Title

Heat 1.  Anthony Knowles (CHCH), Bradley Wilson – Dean (Auck), Josh O’Docherty 76.69
Heat 2.  Konner McCluskey – Young (CHCH), Ryan Terry – Daley (Auck), Jack McRae (Inv) 76.85
Heat 3.  Terry – Daley, Bradley Andrews (Auck), Shilo Tocher (CHCH) 78.47
Heat 4.  McCluskey – Young, McRae, Wilson – Dean 74.10
Heat 5.  Knowles, Terry – Daley, McRae 77.31
Heat 6.  McCluskey – Young, O’Dockerty, Tocher 77.25
Heat 7.  Wilson – Dean, Adam Wilson (Nelson), McRae 79.32
Heat 8.  Knowles, McCluskey – Young, Andrews 73.47
Final.   Knowles, Wilson – Dean, McCluskey – Young, Terry – Daley 73.94

Support Racing

Heat 1.  Hayden Bagshaw (Auck), Bradley Sharp (Inv) no time
Heat 2.  Pete Stenning (Inv), Derek McRae (Inv), Quentin Wearing (CHCH) 73.22
Heat 3.  P Stenning, Scott Jeffcoate (CHCH), McRae 76.72
Heat 4. Sharp, Wearing, Kenny Williams (West Coast) 71.03
Heat 5.  P Stenning, H Bagshaw, Wearing 78.81
Heat 6.  Sharp, Jeffcoate 57.71 (3 laps)
Heat 7.  Jeffcoate, McRae 62.35 (3 laps)
Heat 8.  Sharp, P Stenning, H Bagshaw 77.81

Media: Warrick Korstanje 30th Mar 08
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